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How to play:

A Shizzle is a set of cards in a 4x4 grid. Make a mental note of the card's position. With the start of the game the cards get flipped. The aim of the game is to reveal the cards in ascending order starting with the card „1“. Tapping a card flips it and whenever the correct number is revealed, the card stays visible.

To start the game, simply tap on the green card in the 4x4 grid. The next card to tap is shown in the lower left corner.

Once all cards are revealed, the number of wrong taps is displayed. The lower your "Oops!" factor the better. If you we able to solve a shizzle without errors, the number of cards displayed increases with the next shizzle. The maximum number of cards in a shizzle is 16.

Start a new game by simply shaking the iPhone.